The Living American
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Coming in May, 2023!

Next performance:
June 14-15
London College of Music
London, UK
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As a collaborative Artist and Educator, Schwarz often performs recitals with an educational theme. Please contact Timothy Schwarz via the contact page if you are interested in developing a program with a general or specific subject. A lecture or discussion may be an added component. Programs currently offered are listed below.

Concerti available for performance through June 2025

Beethoven: Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 61
Brahms: Violin Concerto, Op. 77
Osbon: Violin Concerto
Piazzolla: The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires
Sibelius: Violin Concerto, Op. 47
Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto, Op. 35
Vivaldi: The Four Seasons, Op. 8
Other concerti available upon request

“Schwarz’s Bach was tasteful and idiomatic…the Tchaikovsky warhorse demonstrated solid technique and considerable flair”
--Music in Cincinnati

“Superb playing of the Brahms Double Concerto in A Minor”
--Rome News Tribune

The Living American

This ongoing project highlights music by American composers covering a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. With an emphasis on living composers, compositions include works that have been highly influenced by African, Indian, Arab, Jewish, and Chinese musical cultures. Although most of the compositions are contemporary, all are easily accessible for the average audience.

Because of the wide selection of repertoire, this program can be anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. Instrumentation can include solo violin, violin and piano, or violin, piano, double bass and drum set.


The Anglo-American Duo
Praised for their “solid technique imbued with great sensitivity” (Fanfare Magazine) the Anglo-American Duo has evolved into a renowned ensemble that regularly tours in the United States and Europe. Formed in 2009, the Anglo-American Duo specializes in music from the United States of America and Britain. Comprised of American violinist Timothy Schwarz and British pianist Jane Beament, the Duo has given numerous European performances throughout the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Greece, and Hungary. American performances include the University of Delaware, Rowan University (NJ), Moravian College (PA), Kutztown University (PA), Middlesex Community College (MA), the Chamber Music Series of Greater Johnston (PA), and the Chamber Music Series in the Old Chapel (Bethlehem, PA). Radio performances include Classic Shock on Radio Libera Tutti (Italy) and Simply Grand on WVIA (USA).

The Duo is considered the leading experts in the works of Dr. David Osbon, the world renowned British composer who serves as Head of Postgraduate Studies at the London College of Music. The Duo’s debut CD—Anthems After Prometheus— is devoted entirely to music by Dr. Osbon, which was released by Albany Records in 2018 to rave reviews. They have also commissioned or premiered works by Dr. Steven Samitz and Sophie Viney. In addition, the Duo has been praised for their interpretation of more traditional works by Romantic and early 20th-Century composers.

“All credit to Timothy Schwarz for providing a performance as gripping from first to last as this one”
--Fanfare Magazine

“Schwarz’s virtuosity and expressive charge in combination with Beament’s intuition and unmistakable sophistication were the main ingredients of the memorable performance.”
--FONDARC (Rome, Italy / January 2019)

Schwarz performs beautifully, with a clean, open upper register and silken tone. The performance is intense and passionate, with a fervor that grabs one’s attention for the duration of the nine-minute piece.”
--The Morning Call (Bethlehem, PA / December 2018)

Quattro Due
Timothy Schwarz, violin and Lawrence Stomberg, cello

Quattro Due is best known for their innovative presentation of the Bach Cello Suites and Violin Partitas. The Duo presents each of the dance movement side-by-side, violin and cello, showing the breadth of character possible within the structural limits of Baroque dance. They also perform standard violin and cello repertoire by Ravel, Kodaly and Handel-Halvorsen.

"...Played with skill and musicianship..."
--Morning Call

Upper Valley Duo
Timothy Schwarz, violin and Daniel Weiser, piano

Winner of the Artistic Ambassador Competition, the Upper Valley Duo has performed over 500 recitals to critical acclaim in the United States and abroad. In the USA they have appeared at the Philips Collection and National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, the Dame Myra Hess Memorial Series in Chicago, and at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. Their debut CD “An American Affair” (Marquis Classics) was hailed by the Buffalo Times-Herald as “Technique beyond reproach” and “A performance of dreamy enchantment”. After winning Gold Medal in the Artistic Ambassador Competition, the Duo performed 35 All-American recitals in 15 countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia. They were hailed by Ambassadors from the United States and abroad for their contribution to Peace through Music.

"The Duo demonstrated a gratifyingly close collaboration."
--Classical Voice of North Carolina

New Music/Commissions

As an advocate of new music, Timothy has commissioned and premiered several works. A sample listing is below:

Premiered by Timothy Schwarz

Jennifer Higdon
Sky Quartet (2001), Amazing Grace, Dark Wood (2001), String Trio
First CD recording; 2012 (Naxos).
Serafin String Quartet with Charles Abramovic, piano and Eric Stomberg, bassoon.

David Osbon

Concerto for Violin, Wind Ensemble, and Electronics
Commissioned by Timothy Schwarz
World premier by Timothy Schwarz and the Rowan University Wind Ensemble; Joseph Higgins, conductor; April 30, 2017

The Prometheus Sonata
Commissioned by the Anglo-American Duo
First CD Recording; 2018 (Albany Records)
World Premiere Performance: Rome, Italy; January 2019

Into the Sun...
Commissioned by Timothy Schwarz
First CD Recording; 2018 (Albany Records)
World Premiere Performance: Rome, Italy; January 2019

Cadenza for Solo Violin and Electronics
Commissioned by Timothy Schwarz
World premier by Timothy Schwarz at Rowan University on April 13, 2016
European premier at the J.S. Bach School in Vienna, Austria on May 21, 2016

5 Hommages for violin and piano
British Premier: Kingston University (London, UK), 2011
Timothy Schwarz, violin and Jane Beament, piano

James Casey Rule: Fantasia on Flight for solo violin
World Premier: Lehigh University (Bethlehem); 2008

Peter Lanctot: Two Caprices for solo violin
Brahms Violin Concerto: Cadenza
(Premiered by Timothy Schwarz with the Abington Symphony Orchestra; 2011)

Joseph Goodrich: The Juliet Quartet for violin, viola and four-hand piano
Commissioned by Ambassador Ryan Crocker; dedicated to Juliet Wurr
World Premier (Damascus, Syria); 1998
Harmonious Relations for String Quartet and Tenor
World Premier (Cairo, Egypt); 2001
Timothy Schwarz and Shadi Abdel Salam Eid, violins; Rasha Yehya, viola;
Hassan Mo’tazz Al Molla, cello; Joseph Goodrich, tenor

Dedicated to and premiered by Timothy Schwarz

Steven Sametz: Fantasia on lama bada yatathana for solo violin
(Commissioned by the Center for Global Islamic Studies at Lehigh University)
World Premier: Kingston University (London, UK); 2011

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Peter Lanctot: Two Caprices for solo violin
Brahms Violin Concerto: Cadenza
(Premiered by Timothy Schwarz with the Abington Symphony Orchestra; 2011)

Special Projects

Follow the Sun
Follow the Sun is a project that centers on the Concerto for Violin and Wind Ensemble by British composer David Osbon. It will receive a world premiere in April, 2017 at Rowan University. The concerto includes interaction with multiple venues and art forms around the world. It transforms the landscape for future generations of learners and changes the culture of expectation in hard to reach communities. It combines content into a multi-platform and interactive global education project where each community devises and controls the content. It will inhabit the contemporary version of our physical realm – and trigger responses on an individual and societal level by mapping onto the socio-cultural and environmental history of all who devise and experience it. Unrestricted and equal access to/participation for all, irrespective of level, ability or environment. The project is accessible via one/many/all available platforms.